Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Must Have Security Solutions (for free)

The Question ! New PC How to Secure ? Here’s the Answer some must have security solutions that don't have any performance drag and memory use even when all of them are running at the same time oh and did i mention they are all free. Remember Security for PC is to give you good computing experience, being paranoid and installing many security solutions just causes system drag doesn't help!

Avira Antivir
Top Rated AntiVirus, over 30 million users, Free for Personal Use.

Threat Fire
Fills in the gap where conventional AntiVirus fails! Ideal protection against 0-day attacks

Windows Defender
Kool Antispyware from Microsoft Free (Preinstalled in Vista)

SpyBot S&D Resident or WinPatrol (AntiSpyware)
Both do little or more the same thing has good features a must have!

Sunbelt Personal Firewall (Previously known as Kerio Personal Firewall)
Just like Windows Firewall this too doesn't slow your connection or speed but gives more features and options.

Comodo Memory Firewall
Buffer Overflow Protection for all the programs running on your Memory.

Sandboxie (Run in a Sandbox) or BufferZone Free Protection (Run in a  Virtualized Environment)
Run Isolated to System, Restrict Access to System Processes and Environment or Run in a virtual Environment good where Sandboxing fails if the application requires System Services or if you think the sandbox is slowing the operations.

Happy & Safe Computing..

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