Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goolag Scanner Released!

Is this Good or Bad ??? much to debate and surprise, think this would be a good thing. Yep! good thing for everyone who own's a website that's pretty much everyone i know, lol.. "how can this be a good thing ?" use this tool to audit your websites and fix stuff before that information is used to bring the site down.

Released by CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc), one of the world's largest hacker group, Goolag Scanner is a web auditing tool. Goolag Scanner enables everyone to audit his or her own website via Google. The scanner technology is based on "Google hacking," a form of vulnerability research developed by Johnny I Hack Stuff. You will be surprised what all could be found about a website via google.

Google Hacking Database [ ]

Goolag Scanner [ ]

This database has long helped Admin's to better secure their websites. similar books from publishers resulted in best sellers, hoping this scanner would run on similar tracks helping even the end user with little knowledge to better manage their websites.

Review: First off an interesting installation voice supported, I scanned a few of  my Websites and found no problems, Yappy!! (All those installations and customizations and tweaks did help lol..) The scanner scans for over a 1400 issues including starting from vulnerabilities, installations to error message listings, be warned if you select to run all the tests at once the extensive use of google can result google detecting your activity as that of a bot, not much of a problem you just need to prove Google that you are not a bot enter a few letters from a pic to unblock and continue but at the end of all this you rest assured that your website is safe from almost 1400+ hacks methods and vulnerabilities. or you know what to fix atleast. funny i expected this tool to have an update feature still in beta may be in future versions.

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