Sunday, April 04, 2010

K9 Web Protection - Free Internet Filtering and Parental Controls Software


I came across K9 Web Protection from Blue Coat Systems in one of my researches and was very impressed by its simplicity, its has a strong online community that not only reports hacks and methods that bypass the filter but also helps update its filters and categories. you can easily configure to block the selected categories or simply monitor the system. I love the feature where you can set the search engines to result safe searches only!

Its Clean has a neat administration interface via browser ( and easy to configure filters, Best of its Free has both Windows and Mac versions !!!

k9-startup-page custom-list

I tested the system and its simplicity gave it away lol.., it not that difficult to bypass if you understand how it works ;) To be fair its wasn’t a flaw in the software that let me do this but the operating systems transparency. Anyways set it up with a limited account and should work great!

Great software for parents to keep their children safe!

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ankitashah said...

Great Read! Internet has evolved a lot last couple of decades, its important that your kids consume ethical and proper content. There new Parental Control Software available in market which is Designed to keep your Kids Safe online.