Friday, April 09, 2010

Panda Cloud Antivirus !!!

Interesting! Confusing! and Free!   
thinking.. Jedi vs Seth ~ Cloud vs BotNET, lol…

Panda Could Antivirus, an  interesting, a bit confusing free antivirus solution,  Would have been nice if i dint have to UNINSTALL EXISTING ANTIVIRUS TO INSTALL PANDA CLOUD!!! I hate it when AV’s do that!!! so try only if you have time and patience to… Uninstall – Reboot – Install – Possibly a reboot - Reinstall - Definitely a reboot – Done… or are you ? Any major OS updates resets the AV into reinstalling it, this may drive you crazy or you may just wanna try it on a VPC would be great if your VPC is slow. I would consider this an experimental build or a beta at best! and hence wouldn’t want this alone on my pc. but true to its word it does have a very low memory footprint 2MB!!! wow!!! and panda is a good AV, but Cloud obviously needs to be connected to work better and this is bad!!! Remember worms do block websites so that they cannot be cleaned!!! Not too bad it only asked to be connected sometimes in random, Panda: “aah... well i dont let you get infected in the first place and if u do i have a command line scanner too but no no other antivirus allowed !!!“ bad panda! lol…

First Impressions: the look is pretty dumb there is nothing, absolutely nothing to configure! You wouldn’t even know if it can scan archives, it doesn’t; if its workin and it does work!! Other than assuming the user to be dumb, well what else to assume with a dumb looking UI, no documentation to make sense how it works rather than what it is!  Searching forums help here! Think its an ok solution but a lot of scope for improvement and a has a great potential to be, Need to Evolve More lol.. May be this is how we can get rid of all the junk (bots, worms, trojans, viruses; well they are toxic waste of the cyberspace). Think of the collective finds!!! Well atleast panda’s gonna have a huge collection of sure shot signatures as a rain/result from this cloud! Anyways Avira’s back (installed it after installation of panda lol…) and both are running pretty good, not much load at all! Avira and Panda keeping watch together, Panda holding an Umbrella lol…

Well a Cloud Antivirus is probably good for systems on enterprise networks (always on, always connected and clean network) And for PC ? may be..
I do like the panda icon on my taskbar ;)      

Thought: Was it a Cloud or a botNET that SKYNET spreads into… let me know when t1000 arrives!!!

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