Sunday, April 04, 2010



We are the Borg! You will be Assimilated! Resistance is futile!
Is your PC BORG BOT ? Just the Same!!! Just the Evil!!!

I dint quite came around talking about Bots before so here it is: In one of my boredom experiments i tested a new install (vista, not a test install but that’s another story, lots of others too soon..) just to see how just how long it takes to get a pc botted and surprisingly it went well i dint disable the inherent security features the OS comes with (Defender, UserAccessControl, Firewall) nor added any additional security features. It was not untill i disabled the UserAccessControl (Don’t do that! if u hate UAC nag screens like i do install security solutions and use limited account / UAC was disabled because i was impatient and i intended on getting the system infected faster not because it was 100% foolproof although an admirable feature security features should not be a nag) nyways it dint take long to get infected, Infection started from a legit file sharing site hosting a infected javascript file! ~ErrorBadMemoryRecallFailure~ another reason i should be blogging more! Viruses, Worms (check previous posts for them) and even Bots were ON within a few minutes of dumb surfing…

  Btw, OpenDNS lets you know if you are botted:

BotNET’s are growing more and more they are considered a more lucrative business in underground communities, not that difficult to imagine why? There’s no direct link between the worm bot and the creator nor it would directly be causing menace no fear of a bounty on their heads no easy way to trace b’caz they are not profited directly, (not sure but i don’t think the bot will be silent if you are typing a 15,16 digit code (your cc number)) you are sold as a hive (millions of infected pc ~ a borg collective?) to do their bidding for just a few thousand dollars! implies each bot pc (well its no more your pc) is cheaper than a penny check out how spam works when Click Online acquires a botNET:

They even have a user interface to be controlled from (complete control over your the hive ~borg queen~) Spam, Keylog (send whatever you type), Bring down a website (DDOS) Attacks (thousands of bots hit a website making it inaccessible to anybody real), other yuck, yuck, etc…

Now if the question is what the Antivirus companies are doing well they are at work a few of the BEST can detect bots using heuristic methods but mostly antivirus depends on signatures of the viruses the way they detect them in simple terms antivirus (wbc) need signatures (antibodies) to kill them, cant get simpler than that lol.. now its practically impossible for the antivirus companies to recognise all the virus in the world especially when these bots can not only AutoUpdate bypass firewall and fool your antivirus but also use you (your pc) as a medium to spread more to your network your mailing list and so on!!! sounds scary isn’t it it is and the worst is most of them reside at ignorant Institutions and Organizations which should be the most secure! Follow these Guidelines for a safer computing!!!

PS: A Pulse Modulating Phazer kills the Borg!    

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