Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Demand For Secure Web Environments For Kids Rises !!!

With all of the recent MySpace controversy about children using it and attracting predators and whatnot, there is a growing demand from parents to have a more secure web environment for their kids.

Another driving factor for the demand is the fact that kids can write things that they may regret years later when their words are still on the web.

At least 2 companies have recognized this demand and are working to fill it. One is called Industrious Kid, and will be a "self-contained" site for kids to interact with each other. To sign up, parents will have to use their credit cards even to access free areas of the site.

The second company is called netTrekker, and it aims to protect kids from inappropriate content when searching online. Its search engine has been around since 1999 and has been primarily used in schools as its results have been approved by a large group of educatrors. Now it is available for home use as well.

With both netTrekker and Industrious Kid, it is up to the parents to sign up for the services. Provided that they work as they're supposed to, some concerns may be alleviated.

via Chris.

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