Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Have you got spam from yourself?

Its every domain's owners nightmare forging ur domains for spams and for once there is not much we can do. worms or virii - 101 ways to fix it. but wat abt corrupt’d spammers brains. these idiots (for lack of a worse word to use) are no better and lot worse than virus writers as much as i hate to say virus writers are probably better than spammers. spammers are cheaters, deceivers whose mindset is a lot different that us humans :-) why am i so angry ? well its a beautiful wednesday afternoon and i notice abt 90 mails / hr pouring in to my spambox guess wat? they are all replies to emails spoofed as my from my domain. makes u wonder how many servers cant detect a mail's origin? msn, gmail, yahoo do a gud job throwin these into spambox wat abt 1000 of mail servers out there ? if i had put up a mailserver to this domain ? the replies mails itself wud hav made this site go down - bandwidth! well wat can we do ? we hav to rely on our email systems identify that these mails are spoofs. but not all servers are well equipped to do so. why ? many of private instutites, offices and organisations including the famous one are lazy to just install anythin as there mailserver wen the situation worsen’s well we always got one to blame (spammers).

Every automated reply =>(implies) that the recipent server thinks u are from an original location and not a spam. and thats wat spammers rely on. well u might say " dont expect me to buy an high price enterprise level package! " well as true is that fact so is the fact that there are 100’s of mailserver softwares out there with gud antispam technology.
Admins dont be lazy, use a better mail server with good antispam servers so that i dont fill my spambox. Now, Other issue’s here are person's who's email or domain is used for spam and one who receives them.
no help for ppl who post there email address on open boards for bots to copy now here’s the funny part all the people in the address book of the careless person also gets spam’d if that person uses an email thats not eqiupped with antispm and antivirus.

its not absolute. worst case senerio wat to do ? Now how to get domains safe ?!? thats where OpenSPF comes into play founded by a person who has been bugged by spammers using his domain name to send forged emails. SPF Stands for Senders Policy Framework u can specify ur domain details n specifics and lets u create a spf record for ur domain. SPF fights return-path address forgery and makes it easier to identify spoofs.

Domain owners identify sending mail servers in DNS. SMTP receivers verify the envelope sender address against this information, and can distinguish authentic messages from forgeries before any message data is transmitted.

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