Saturday, August 20, 2005

Zotob! the plug n play worm

Zotob is a worm that targets Windows 2000–based computers and takes advantage of a security issue that was addressed by Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-039. This worm and its variants install malicious software, and then search for other computers to infect.

If you have installed the update released with Security Bulletin MS05-039, you are already protected from Zotob and its variants. If you are using any supported version of Windows other than Windows 2000, you are not at risk from Zotob and its variants.

Use the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool to search for and remove the Zotob worm and its variants from your hard drive. This tool checks for and removes infections from Zotob.A through Zotob.E as well as Bobax.O, Esbot.A, Rbot.MA, Rbot.MB, and Rbot.MC. It also checks for and removes all versions of malicious software that the tool has been updated to remove.

To Terminate Zotob:

Run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool ( IE )
Or Download Malicious Software Removal Tool
And Install Security Update 899588.

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