Wednesday, June 08, 2005

admins / spammers / proxies

Why some server administrators make mistakes with their proxy servers?

It happened because somebody just dropped a proxy server on their network without fully considering the consequences of their action. They didn't bother to properly design a server access control list, and because it is available on the public internet, a spammer found it and began to use it for their spamming ventures.
Quite often a server administrator is very upset at his mistake, and is looking to "pursue each ISP in attempts to track down the guilty parties". Unfortunately, he is ignoring the person who had the most power to prevent this situation. Himself.
Live, learn, realize that you made a mistake configuring your server, and get back to working. Unless your business is that of hunting spammers, it really will not be worth your while to waste money and time chasing ISPs and shadows of spam fiends.

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