Sunday, April 17, 2005

Microsoft Security Risk Self-Assessment Tool (MSRSAT)

 Download the Microsoft Security Risk Self-Assessment Tool (MSRSAT) and install it on your computer to obtain information and recommendations about best practices to help enhance security within your information technology (IT) infrastructure.
This application is designed to help organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees assess weaknesses in their current IT security environment. It will help identify processes, resources, and technologies that are designed to promote good security planning and risk mitigation practices within your organization.

My Views:

" One can see great effort put in Compilation of this tool "

" Would have been great if baseline security analyzer was integrated with it! "

" It lets you compare your scores against the scores of others in your industry! "

>> In an all a good security assesment tool for your organization!


< Download: 3.4 MB, Requires  .NET Framework 1.1 >

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