Saturday, January 15, 2005



Harden MS Reporting Services Using Custom Extensions
by Teo Lachev
An incredibly flexible extensibility model is included with Microsoft Reporting Services and hammering down a custom security model is one smart way to take advantage. Shore up your implementation with forms authentication and role membership.


Implementing Encrypted SQL Server Database Columns with .NET
by David Talbot
Many government agencies needing HIPAA compliance, such as HUD, require encryption of certain database columns. For systems tracking victims of domestic abuse, it's critical to encrypt personally identifiable data. Fortunately, implementing encrypted database columns is simple using .NET and SQL Sever 2000.


Protect Yourself from PHP Worms
by Laurence Moroney
Don't just change your code to protect yourself from attacks such as the Santy or PHPInclude worms ---- change your tactics.


 Demo: Adding Security to Web Services
Security is an important concern when using Web services in an enterprise. This demo shows you how security is added to a Web service invocation by modifying the Web service deployment descriptor. Three different security techniques are demonstrated:
Basic authorization; Signing a SOAP message; and Encrypting parts of the SOAP message. View the demos in this two-part series.

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