Friday, October 22, 2004

SPAM ( now and again )

How do u get SPAMMED:

Spammers get your email address from various advertising sites
(ever subscribed hoping to get free gifts, etc.) also from your profiles, forums, groups and even Search Engines. SpamBots work 24/7 scanning google and other search engine pages resulting in a DB of all our email addresses for spammers to spam, few search engines like google tries its max not to list any email address resulting from its search but many of us post our email address on yahoo and msn profiles don't we !!! apart from that many groups and forums sites inc. yahoo ! and msn :( have no protection against these spambots, i.e. our email address is free to be scanned and copied!

some forums have email protection employed check out site, u can post get replies to the post to your email address to but spambots cant scan the email address since they are not displayed hence your email address are safe to use hope msn & yahoo get this ON soon on there groups seeing the amount of spoof-mails that are getting posted everyday. and then we have Trojans nasty little worms few of which which even spam all friends in our address book resulting in a spammed chain

so next time don't curse spammers if u are getting spammed !!! because we are equally responsible.

Here are some tips to keep spam away from your email :

  • why would anyone get free gifts from an unknown source for no reason ??? believe me nothing for free on net ( unless its on HTTPS and is verified by eTrust and has a good PRIVACY Policy. LOL ) don't fall for it and register your email address they are the abyss to Spamdom !!!
  • Don't post your email in your profiles or any other public site unless u are trying to get the attention of spammers.
  • Keep yahoo and msn groups closed for public access else spambots can access and scan for email addresses in the group.
  • If u must post your email address OPEN then post that of an alias or an email forwarder address so that u can delete it once you start getting spam for that email check out yahoo's spam protection email service or use a free email address for all your web-posting and other activities else waste time and money cleaning spam's from your valuable personal and company's mailboxes
  • If u are using email clients to download your mails never open an attachment unless scanned by AV
  • ever seen any links on spams sayin click here to unsubscribe well if u dint subscribe then how wud u unsubscribe ?!? dont click on any links of the spam mail it just validates ur email address. else get ready for MORE... SPAM
  • anybody (webmasters) who wishes to display their email address can paste a image of their email address or use tags like [at] instead of @ for posting their mail address to avoid gettin scanned by spambots as they generally search for [ x@y.general extentions ] format to SPAM

How to know if u are spammed ??? well, u will know !!! your junk folder would get 100's of mails your friends will receive spoofed attachments with your mail address, etc etc its just the begining..., wish to handle spam !!!
read this "Handling unwanted e-mail (spam)".

Read more abt spam... ( do's and don'ts )


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