Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hotmail Outlook Access Charged, Courtesy : Spammers

Mine & 18 million Hotmail subscribers, HATE for Spammers are now @ very elevated levels, the reason: Microsoft is charging hotmail outlook access to CUT OFF SPAMMERS, Microsoft says spam abuse of the WebDAV protocol is forcing it to charge.
"We've seen spammers exploiting this Web DAV protocol, and we're going to make a change to help curb its abuse. New spammers won't be able to set up of free accounts" to send junk e-mail,we felt we needed to make a decision for the greater good, not only for Hotmail users, but also for the whole e-mail ecosystem," said Brook Richardson, lead product manager for MSN communications services.
Hotmail becomes even less a free addict3d.org
Microsoft Adds New Hotmail Fee PC World
InternetWeek.com - CNET News.com - eWeek - Digital Connect News (subscription)

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