Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Horrible factoids !

Horrible factoids: Symantec spins the web of doom
Stuffed with as many horrifying factoids and their spawn as LOTR 3 is with Orcs, a new Internet Security Threat Report is out and it is anything but pretty reading.

Horrible factoid #1: During the reporting period, new system vulnerabilities appeared at the rate of 48 per week.

Horrible factoid #2: Exploits of those vulnerabilities appeared, on average, in 5.8 days after the vulnerabilities became known.

Horrible factoid #3: Bots are getting brainer.

Horrible factoid #4: Bot networks are growing.

Horrible factoid #5: 40% of Fortune 100 companies are wormy.

Horrible factoid #6: Doing business online make you the hottest type of target.

Horrible factoid #7: Those attacks on e-commerce websites are motivated by money.

Horrible factoid #8: Perimeter security alone won't do the job.

Horrible factoid #9: Linux won't save you

Positive factoid #1: Don't despair, really.

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