Saturday, June 05, 2004

Worm eyes up credit card details

Windows users are being warned about a virus that is "aggressively stealing" credit card numbers and passwords. The Korgo virus debuted on 22 May and since then has been steadily racking up victims.

Although the virus is not widespread, security firms are issuing warnings because it is proving so effective at stealing confidential data. Those infected by Korgo are being urged to change passwords and credit cards if they have been used online recently.
Korgo exploits the same vulnerability that the Sasser web worm used so effectively when it struck early last month.

" Like Sasser, the Korgo worm spreads around the net by itself. "

" The virus opens up a backdoor on PCs it infects which allows its creators to install a key logging program that activates when users fill in forms on websites. The key logger steals password and credit card information and sends it back to its creators, thought to be a virus writing group called the Hangup Team. "

According to Symantec, computers using un-patched Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems are susceptible to the worm's attack, which opens a back door to the Microsoft system through TCP ports 113 and 3067.

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