Friday, June 04, 2004

Free Email Security Toolkit

White Paper
Learn How to Eliminate the Top 5 Email Security Threats

Are worries about spam and virus attacks to your enterprise email system keeping you up at night? See why spam and viruses are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to email security threats. Learn how you can eliminate the top 5 security threats to your email system, including the silent killer -- directory harvest attacks. The good news is there’s an easy and effective way to arm your organization against all threats, even the latest spam and email attacks...

Web Seminar
How Chick-fil-A Eliminates Spam with Preemptive Email Security: A Case Study

A Real-world Chick-fil-A case study -- how you can reduce spam and viruses and improve email security and employee productivity. Learn how Chick-fil-A eased its spam problem after evaluating and selecting a managed service solution to protect its Exchange email system.

Web Seminar
Preemptive Email Security: How Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reduces Spam

Find out how Enterprise Rent-A-Car reduced spam and viruses, improved their email security, and increased productivity.

Preemptive Email Security and Management

Author: Peter Bowyer

This eBook will offer a preventive approach to eliminating spam and viruses, stopping directory harvest attacks, guarding content, and improving email performance.

Contents :

1.Stopping the bad guys before they reach your gateway
2.Evolving techniques for eliminating spam, email virus and worm threats

3.Protecting email from the silent killers: DoS and directory harvest attacks
4.Understanding the ins and outs of controlling email content
5.Improving email performance, visibility and reporting
6.The benefits of preemptive email security and management

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