Tuesday, June 01, 2004

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Interesting Posts from the blog of tejas

Electronic Crime increases by 43% this year

Hacker Intel "A survey of security and law enforcement executives indicates that e-crime in 2004 increased 43% over last year"

Three Different Shades of Ethical Hacking: Black, White and Gray

A nice article on Ethical Hacking by David M. It talks on different shades of Ethical hacking.

Email, Superstitions & SPAM

" a must READ for many of my friends ;) "

Google proposes Principles for a good software

Everybody is tired of spyware and adware and techno people are allways worried about keeping their systems clean from all the spyware and adware programs and use various kinds of software to keep their system clean from registry hacks, data mining cookies and trojans that gets installed while installing some other software. Just to create an awareness among users and software developers, Google has listed out a set of principles that the Software developers should follow in general.

Forensic MD5 Hard drive duplicator
Speed 3.5 Gigs/MinLogicube MD5

The Logicube website details the following:-“The Forensic MD5 system is designed specifically for the requirements of law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation of forensic computer data. This hand-held IDE hard drive data capturing system is ideal for fast disk drive data seizure. Using its built-in CRC-32 engine, the MD5 allows for imaging speeds up to 3.3 GB/min. The system’s non-tampering drive capture ensures bit-for-bit accuracy, guaranteeing zero chance of alteration of the suspect and evidence drives. With it's lightweight portability, rugged construction and field tested capabilities, the MD5 is simply the best forensic hard drive data collection system for law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation and prosecution.”

Top 12 Ways to Degunk Your PC by Joli Ballew -- Your PC, with its 80GB hard drive and 512MB of RAM, runs way too slow. Why? It's gunked up with pictures, movies, music, and attachments you've saved; you've saved stuff to the wrong places; and you have apps installed that you don't use. If you want to clean up your PC, and get it running as fast as it should, follow Joli Ballew and Jeff Duntemann's 12-step program for degunking your PC. Joli and Jeff are the authors of the bestselling Degunking Windows book, from Paraglyph Press.

" a basic guide - gud for beginners. "

Flexible keyboards :)

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